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Can you sleep with a bra on?

Can you sleep with a bra on?

At night our bodies relax and get ready for the next day. That’s why it is important to feel comfortable not only thanks to soft bedding and a comfy mattress, but also the clothes we sleep in. We don’t only mean pajamas or a slip, but also lingerie. And here comes the question: can you […]

A bra for an open back dress

A bra for an open back dress

We’re going to start with this article in quite an unusual way – with a story a story heard from the owner of a hotel that was built where an old factory used to be. Well, in the process of designing the hotel, it turned out that there was a huge safe – a carry-over […]

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How to take your measurements to choose a perfect bra?

Buying lingerie is not easy – especially when you do it online. Very often, even if you know your bra size, when you order one, it turns out its cups are too big or too small, the band – too loose, and the straps – too short. But don’t worry! The Rvbbit knows some tricks […]

Molded bra or a push-up bra?

Molded bra or a push-up bra?

Have you ever heard an opinion that a push-up bra and a molded bra are actually the same types of bras? Very often we’ve heard these two terms used interchangeably and that’s why we want to make everything clear. We’re going to show you the most important differences between the bras. We hope it will […]

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