Bra straps clip


The bra straps clip is an essential addition to your wardrobe. Quickly fasten your straps with it, making them invisible under a dress or blouse. The clip is perfect for shoulder-revealing blouses, tank tops, and dresses with a narrow neck finish. Practical, comfortable, and invisible under clothing.

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How to use the clip:

Position the clip so that the connector is in a horizontal position and hook the strap, threading it through the sides. We demonstrate this in the pictures. You can use the clip in any color: black, transparent, or ecru; each of them will perform its function perfectly!

Detailed information:

  • Clip height: 45 mm
  • Width at the widest point: 35 mm
  • Width at the base: 20 mm
  • Three colors to choose from: black, transparent, ecru
  • The shape allows the clip to be hooked at any height
  • Invisible under clothing
  • The price is for one clip in the selected color.


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