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Can you sleep with a bra on?

Can you sleep with a bra on?

At night our bodies relax and get ready for the next day. That’s why it is important to feel comfortable not only thanks to soft bedding and a comfy mattress, but also the clothes we sleep in. We don’t only […]

Midi skirt – who should wear it and how to style it?

Midi skirt – who should wear it and how to style it?

Today it’s difficult to imagine a woman’s wardrobe without at least one of these. Midi skirts, because that’s what we are going to talk about, haven’t been popular all the time. Their history dates back to 1940s and is connected […]


Silk scrunchie – the trendiest accessory

When the winter hats comfortably sit in your wardrobe, waiting for another season, it’s time to look for some accessories that can call up spring vibes. In this case the best choice will be fashionable silk scrunchies – stylish, feminine […]

Nylon – material that killed its inventor

Nylon – material that killed its inventor

While coming up with the descriptions for our new Make a Wish lingerie series, we kept wondering what phrase would suit it best. In the end we went for “pleasant to the touch” because it was the feature that appeared […]


WHITE RVBBIT – magic lace lingerie straight from Wonderland!

White Rvbbit is a young Polish brand making lace lingerie and clothes. The moment we set up our studio, we knew all our products – from designing, through all stages of hand- made production to shipping – would be made in Poland. Thanks to that we are sure everything we create – luxury lingerie, lace dresses, tempting sleepwear and fashionable swimwear, is made from the best materials in best possible quality.

White Rvbbit is not just high fashion, hand-made trims and eye-catching details. It’s also an invitation to Wonderland – after all, it’s where Alice met White Rabbit, and the ‘V’ is the only thing that’s different. A mirror reflection of the letter ‘A’ only proves that there’s a little bit of madness in every woman’s life. To discover it all take a look at our website and… find yourself in lace Wonderland:

Luxury lingerie

Luxury lace lingerie is what we’re best at creating – that’s why our collections include all- time favorites such as black balconettes, soft underwire bras, bras padded with foam or half-cup bras with two-part cups that perfectly shape and show off your bust. Our flag lingerie series is One Second, with sensual bras, matching garter belts and panties, all available in classic white, black and red.

Fashionable bralettes

Bralettes are, according to many of you, our signature bras. The first White Rvbbit collection was made of bralette sets only. Since then we’ve been building up the series known as Mad Cat. If you visit our online store, you’ll see that our lace strappy, ruffled bralettes with fancy backs come in many different colors, with various feminine details. Black bralettes with a front closure, red lace bralettes, white, blue and green bras, bralettes with decorative guipure lace and bralettes with straps around the waist – that’s what you’ll find in the category: Lingerie.

Exclusive and everyday wear garter belts

Garter belts are the part of a woman’s wardrobe that brings the most excitement. Which one to choose? A classic garter belt with eight clasps or a fancy one to wear on special ocassions? How about a modern harness that doesn’t need stockings at all? We make all kinds of garter belts, so no matter what type you need, we’re here to help you out. All our belts have metal clasps and are handmade in our studio.


If you like to feel pretty even when you sleep, this is the perfect place for you! In Sleepwear category you’ll find sexy peignoirs, lace slips, satin sets with tops and robes, and feminine pajamas. All of them were designed and made in Poland, in our studio, from delicate, elegant fabrics. You’ll feel it the moment you put them on.

Lingerie for special occasions

The lingerie you wear on special occasions seems to be less important than the one you put on on every day. White Rvbbit believes it has magic powers! The way you look on your special day makes you feel special too – and we know what to do to make you feel so. Red lingerie for Valentine’s Day, lace lingerie for a date, exclusive lingerie for a gift – whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our online store.

Elegant beachwear

Elegant beachwear with modern details, sexy bikinis or maybe one-piece swimsuits? Whichever you choose, you should know they’re made from the finest Italian lycra with soft, breathable lining. Thanks to that each piece of swimwear – with sequins, straps or fancy elastics – is not only glamorous but also extremely comfortable.

Lace dresses

Exclusive women’s lingerie is not the only thing we’re passionate about. White Rvbbit also makes lace dresses especially for women who love classic elegance with a modern touch. The lace pencil dress or lace maxi dress, the white lawn dress and finally the best-selling frilled Lacie dress – all of them launched our new collection just to steal the hearts of clients all over the world, and become a base for our new category of products for women. Summer rayon dresses, romantic floral dresses and comfortable casual dresses are also waiting for you here!

White Rvbbit clothes

In our studio, apart from dresses, we also make various types of clothes for women – elegant skirts with modern trims, all-time favorite rayon tops, base slips and bodysuits that will be perfect for many outfits. Beautiful embroideries, well-thought designs and perfect colors are just waiting for you to try them on.

Custom tailoring

Even though we do our best to make both our lace lingerie and dresses fit all types of women’s bodies, we also rememember about those who value tailor-made products. If you need to have anything tailored or altered for you, let us know and we’ll have our magic asisstant guide you through every stage of placing an individual order.