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Who are we?

We are a young Polish brand that specializes in making lace women’s lingerie. Our story started in 2016 with a basic collection of bralettes and matching bottoms. Now, apart from bralettes, we also make beautiful balconettes, half-cups, plunge bras perfect for plunging necklines, and soft top-style bras. You can pair them with matching panties or thongs, garter belts for everyday wear and for special occasions, as well as timeless, sensual nightwear. Our newest product line are lace dresses, with unique cuts and fabrics that have already stolen hundreds of women’s hearts.

All of our products are entirely made in our studio in Białystok, Poland.

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The White Rvbbit

If we had to choose two symbols that are the foundation of our brand, we would definitely choose lace and the White Rvbbit from the story about Alice in Wonderland. The lace will carry you to the world of tailoring, traditional craft and refined designs; the Rvbbit – our personal guide – will invite you to visit Wonderland and, just like a magic bridge, combine two totally different worlds. After all, nothing would be possible without him, and lingerie would remain just… lingerie.   However, if you let yourself be seduced by the magical aura and follow the White Rvbbit, the pink box will reveal much more than just a lace bra. It will show you a piece of Wonderland that will cheer you up, add to your confidence and make your day even brighter.   But be careful – the magic can be addictive!

White Rvbbit o nas

Magic with a Polish label

Each one of our products tells a story about time – the time needed to make a sketch, choose the fabrics, sew the first demonstration models, then the second, third, tenth… The time for fitting, testing, altering, and finally – the time for manufacturing. At least seven months have to pass between the first drawing and the moment you open the box with a bra, peignoir or dress in it. We believe that the time is essential if we want to surprise you with the product that is every inch perfect.

All of our products are designed and made in our studio in Białystok, Poland. Taking care of the quality of our products means for us not only careful crafting – it is also about the thoughtful choice of fabrics, sustainable work and respect to those who help us create our products. This is why we thoroughly check where each lace, details or even threads come from, and choose only those that are made in Polish workshops and knitting shops.

We believe that by doing so we give you the product that’s not only eye-pleasing, but can also be your way of showing support to Polish studios that put their heart and soul into their creations.

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