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A bra for an open back dress

A bra for an open back dress

We’re going to start with this article in quite an unusual way – with a story a story heard from the owner of a hotel that was built where an old factory used to be. Well, in the process of designing the hotel, it turned out that there was a huge safe – a carry-over from the factory – which could not be moved in any way. Everyone tried unsuccessfully to remove the safe from a place that was supposed to be a reception in the future, and when all attempts to do so came to naught, the interior designers approached the problem in a completely different way. They decided that since the safe couldn’t be moved in any way, it should be… even more exposed. That’s how the unwanted safe was painted in a beautiful pastel color and serves today as a stylish table, pleasing the eye of many hotel guests.


Why are we writing about this? Well, it turns out that the hotel safe from the story resembles a bit… a bra for an open back dress – but we will tell you about it in the next parts of the article ?

A bra for an open back dress – which one to choose?

We’re sure many of you, especially in summer, dream about a beautiful open back dress or top. It’s no surprise! It’s a very feminine and sensual design that looks great both in casual and evening party outfits. Or maybe you already have the dream dress with a deep open back that is waiting for… well, what for?

Putting on an open back dress or top is usually connected with one little problem that may even make you give up on buying your dream outfit. What we’re talking about here is choosing the right bra that would not only be functional, but at the same time invisible under a dress or top. We’ve already given a few examples of what kind of lingerie would be perfect for an open back dress – this time we’ll focus on general rules.




…how to hide a bra under an open back dress?


This question gives many women sleepless nights, especially when summer is coming because it’s the perfect time to put on clothes showing off your back. But we have good news! The problem of choosing a bra for an open back dress or top can be solved in at least three ways. There’s our favorite one too, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Method no. 1 – a special bra for open back dresses

Lingerie manufacturers offer us the so-called “special task bras”. These are, for example, bras with a special strap lowering the back closure or corset-like designs – with a low back, more built-in at the bottom. One of the solutions are also stick-on bras, covered with special gel, the breast lift patches (pads) or special breast lift tapes. There are really many options to choose from! But do they all work well and are suitable for our breasts? Many women are quite suspicious about stick-on bras. The vision of constantly adjusting the sliding bra immediately pops up in our heads (especially in summer when our skin is sweating). That’s why if you decide to try with a stick on bra, remember to choose good quality products, especially that sometimes the gel can cause skin irritations or allergies. The manufacturer should give information about how to put on the bra in the right way and how to care for it. You should also remember that such solutions work best for women with smaller breast sizes. Are gel bras comfortable? Well, it takes time to get used to them. If you feel like experimenting – go for it. Perhaps you are one of the women who will love this kind of bras.

Method no. 2 – go braless

Luckily, the times when a bra was a must-have item of your outfit are gone forever. Although the Rvbbit loves lingerie with all his heart, he thinks that every woman should wear it the way she likes it ? The world’s fashion icons show us that you can freely go braless with open back clothes. Do you think this is a solution only for women with small breasts? Well, it’s not! There is only one condition of wearing open back tops and dresses without a bra – you must feel comfortable doing it!

Method no. 3 – a bra with a decorative back

That’s how we got to the third option, which is our all-time favorite Let’s go back to the history of the hotel safe here and repeat the motto of interior designers: If you can’t hide it, show it off! – in a right and creative way. While we sometimes spend hours looking for a bra that will be invisible and well-structured at the same time, the Rvbbit shows us a much simpler and more beautiful solution – a bra with a decorative back! This kind of bra will not only be functional, but can also become part of your outfit that will definitely turn heads. Which one should you choose? If you’re planning to wear the bra with everyday outfits, choose, for example, Mad Cat No. 1, with a back made of velvety straps, Mad Cat No. 11, with delicate black lace or the Kiss Me Softly powder pink bra with a decorative lace back – this will be the perfect color for light summer dresses and open back tops! But if you want to dazzle everyone and show off your back at an evening party – finish your outfit with the Queen of Rings bra with a glamorous, refined back or the Mad Cat No. 14 bra with a gold-tone detail that can replace classic jewelry. If you dream about a beautiful open back top or dress too, be sure to check out our new collection featuring the Summer Babe top and maxi dress. But be careful – you might fall in love with them at first try! ? And when you choose your dream outfit, be sure to show it off even more with our decorative back bra.

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