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Can you sleep with a bra on?

Can you sleep with a bra on?

At night our bodies relax and get ready for the next day. That’s why it is important to feel comfortable not only thanks to soft bedding and a comfy mattress, but also the clothes we sleep in. We don’t only mean pajamas or a slip, but also lingerie. And here comes the question: can you sleep with a bra on and, what’s important, is it comfortable?

Is sleeping with a bra on harmful?

Don’t worry – it isn’t! There’s no scientific research that would prove the harmful effects of sleeping with your bra on ? During sleep your breasts can make it slightly difficult to find the perfect sleeping position. Unfortunately, they often get squashed, which doesn’t help in keeping them firm and symmetrical. Many of you must know the moment when you try to make yourself comfortable in your bed to finally relax and fall asleep. It might be difficult for women who like sleeping on their stomach because this position is the most challenging for the bust.

So, is sleeping with a bra on a good idea? Many women would say yes! Among the supporters of this solution are, for example, new moms who breastfeed and choose maternity bras with nursing pads that prevent clothes and bedding from staining.

Can sleeping with a bra on firm (tone) up the breasts?

It’s the second of most frequently returning questions when it comes to sleeping with a bra on.

Firm breasts is a topic that’s interesting for both young and mature women. To answer the question, yes – sleeping with a bra on can make the bust more toned up, and brafitters will confirm it. It mostly applies to medium-sized and large busts. According to a survey, the lingerie store clients who sleep with their bras on have better toned-up busts than others – but remember the survey was based on each woman’s subjective opinion.

Now here’s another tidbit for you: our good old gravity doesn’t sleep at night and is up and running 24/7! During sleep our muscles stretch and they need some space to do it. The bra can’t pinch or bind the body in any way – it’s the most important rule of in it. The bra that wasn’t well-fitted may cause scrapes or even block the lymph flow, and this isn’t good for both your health and good sleep.

Who should sleep with a bra on?

There’s no rule that says who should sleep with a bra on. Every woman who feels the need to do so or wants to improve the firmness of her breasts should try it at least once. It may sound strange because many of you take off your shoes and then… your bra the moment you enter the house! Is a bra the necessary evil or a useless accessory that cramps your body? Not everyone thinks so, especially when they find an extremely comfortable bra that they can’t imagine their life without. So, you don’t have to, but you can sleep in a bra on – it’s all up to you.

What kind of bra should you choose for sleeping?

First of all, a COMFORTABLE one, that is a bra with no underwires or padding. It should also be minimalistic, without too many 3D ornaments and details which of course look pretty, but may feel uncomfortable when you sleep.

Let’s take our lace Mad Cat No. 1 bra as an example: elastic lace, full-coverage cups and no front closure. It’s a perfect support for the bust even though it doesn’t have a firm structure. And there comes a question: is a sports bra (instead of a lace one) the perfect sleeping bra? Well, not necessarily. Even though it meets all the requirements mentioned above, we may damage our breast tissue if we wear it for too long. The reason for that is that the sports bra puts too much pressure on the bust, and because of that makes it difficult for the lymph and blood to flow freely. If you wear it for too long, the effects may be quite the opposite to what you had expected. So, the sports bra should be used only for working out or, if you prefer, cleaning up the house ?


To answer the main question of the article: can you sleep with a bra on, we can unanimously say YES. There’s nothing wrong with that, there are no health contraindications (unless you choose a bra with underwires poking into your bust). What’s more, a comfortable, well-fitted bra can improve the quality of your sleep by several dozen percent! Just choose the right design and enjoy your undisturbed sleep.

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