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How to take your measurements to choose a perfect bra?

Buying lingerie is not easy – especially when you do it online. Very often, even if you know your bra size, when you order one, it turns out its cups are too big or too small, the band – too loose, and the straps – too short. But don’t worry! The Rvbbit knows some tricks to make your online shopping magical, pleasant and most of all… a good choice! So let him answer the most important question here: how to take your measurements for a flawless bra fit?

Most importantly – often.

Our body size changes because of many factors. Hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, weight fluctuation, working out or changing your sports activity routine – these are some of many reasons that influence our two most important measurements: bust and underbust size. Because of that it is recommended to check your measurements regularly to make sure you really know your size ?

How to take your measurements correctly?

  1. Put on a soft bra – the one without any padding, but make sure it lifts your breasts nicely.
  2. Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Be gentle, don’t squish your breasts – the tape should be loose-fitting. If you’re not sure if you are taking the measurements at the right place or if the tape sits well at your back, do it in front of a mirror. 

Important tip: if your breasts are firm, you can take your measurements standing straight. If they are sagging a little, bend forward and then do it. The results will be the most accurate.

  1. Measure around your chest just below the bust – make sure the tape is snug.

Remember to take your measurements in a soft bra – otherwise the results can be rounded up and won’t help you find the right size.

Once you get both measurements, compare them with the chart:

Cup size

(cm at the bust)

Size under the bust A B C D E F G
65 (63-67) 77-79 79-81 81-83 83-85 85-87 87-89 89-91
70 (68-72) 82-84 84-86 86-88 88-90 90-92 92-94 94-96
75 (73-77) 87-89 89-91 91-93 93-95 95-97 97-99 99-101
80 (78-82) 92-94 94-96 96-98 98-100 100-102 102-104 104-106
85 (83-87) 97-99 99-101 101-103 103-105 105-107 107-109 109-111

and you can find the chart to compare your results with under each bra. So if your result is, let’s say, 70C, size M will fit you in most of our bras.

Because the Rvbbit doesn’t want you to feel like taking your measurements is just a tiring but necessary thing to do, here are some pluses of doing it:

– a well-fitted bra will make your bust look younger for a longer time

– well-shaped bust will make your silhouette look better (by lifting your breasts you show off your waist)

– a beautiful and comfy bra will make you feel better every time you wear it.

Remember we are always here to help you!

If any of our charts is difficult for you to read or you are not sure about the results of your measuring, send the Rvbbit a message at contact@whitervbbit.com or on Facebook. We’ll be more than happy to help you as quickly as possible with choosing the right size, tell you which design will fit you best and remind you that you can always exchange or return anything you buy at our store.

Ps. If you already know your size, feel free to choose your dream bra now!

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