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Lace lingerie with silver ions – how does it work?

Lace lingerie with silver ions – how does it work?

Lace lingerie is what we’re best at making – and you know it very well by now. What you may not know is that the cotton we use is special certified cotton with silver ions, which will not only give you maximum comfort, but also has antimicrobial properties. Using this kind of cotton can help you to better protect your body from bacteria, allergies or the feeling of discomfort. Let us tell you how the silver ions work and why it is worth introducing them to your wardrobe.

Underwear is the first thing you put on your body, so very often your everyday comfort and health depends on it. We’ve said many times already that well-fitted lingerie can perfectly shape your figure, showing off all its assets – and we don’t mean close-fitting corsets, bodysuits or slips that aim to visually “flatten” the body. When talking about shaping, we mean accentuating the parts we like or slightly enhancing the body proportions with romantic, decorative bra straps, ruffles that make your silhouette look more lightweight or high-waisted panties that make any body type look stunning.

The visual aspect is one thing, but safety and hygiene – completely another, so here we don’t compromise. That’s why all our panties and thongs, no matter how decorative they are, have a sewn-in cotton hygienic liner for all-day-long comfort. The delicate cotton we use is made in Poland, following the highest quality standards. What’s more, when it comes to black or white sets, it contains silver ions that not only give you the feeling of comfort, but also have antimicrobial properties.

How do silver ions work?

To cut the long story short, the ions don’t let the bacteria eat them, but block their ability to breathe, so they don’t stand a chance ? And here’s how it goes step by step:

All the unpleasant things connected to wearing lingerie – bad smell, allergies, irritations – are connected to microbes. The microbes (bacteria, fungi) like damp and warm places, and the inner side of our panties or thongs is exactly like that. This makes the germs proliferate quickly, causing discomfort and damaging the lingerie. Because of that, any good manufacturer will line their lingerie with high quality cotton that’s breathable and pleasant to the touch. It’s good to wash this kind of cotton in high temperatures and, if it’s impossible, iron with a well-warmed up iron. But there’s the cotton that stops bacterial growth and doesn’t need high temperatures – that’s the silver ion-infused cotton – the cotton with silver trim.

Now the Rvbbit would like you to focus because we’re getting to the point where we will talk to all chemistry fans. When the silver particle meets the bacterium on its way, it behaves quite nicely. It doesn’t attack directly, doesn’t jump on the bacterium to devour it, but is clever enough to deactivate the enzyme it uses in its aerobic metabolism. As a result the bacterium can’t breathe (because the channels carrying the electrons are closed*) and dies, and the victorious silver keeps protecting our panties.

What’s important – after each fight the silver keeps its properties, so you don’t have to worry it will lose its spirit.

* If you’d like to talk about chemistry in more scientific terms, come to the comments section!

Lace lingerie with silver ions – how does it work?

As we said before, the most important thing in lace lingerie – when it comes to safety and hygiene of your skin – is the sewn-in cotton liner, and that’s why we’re going to focus on it. What can the cotton liner with silver ions give us?

1. It has antimicrobial properties – suppresses bacteria growth

In the paragraph above the Rvbbit picturesquely described the fight between silver nanoparticles and bacteria, so we won’t repeat it here. Let us just add that the antimicrobial function is one of the most important properties of materials with silver ions.

  1. It doesn’t require high washing temperatures

It’s not a secret that full disinfection requires high temperatures, and we can’t wash lace lingerie like that. Lace panties or thongs, especially those made of delicate, exclusive materials, require delicate hand washing, usually in temperatures not higher than 30-40°C (86-104°F). if you wanted to boil your delicate lingerie, you’d damage the decorative embroideries and hand-sewn ornaments. A good way of compromising is ironing the crotch part with a very hot iron, but not everyone has time, willingness and… patience to do so because it requires a lot of precision in avoiding tulle and lace parts. And here comes the cotton with silver ions, giving you hygienic cleanliness after being washed in low temperatures. 

  1. It’s safe for your skin.

Fabrics with silver particles not only successfully wick away the moisture and block unpleasant smells, but are also safe for your skin.

How to wash lingerie with silver ions?

The most important information about silver ion-infused cotton is that silver works as long as cotton does because it’s anchored in the structure of the fabric itself. You don’t have to worry you’ll “run out” of ions or damage them because of improper care.

As we’ve mentioned before: lingerie with silver ions can be washed in low temperatures, so when washing your lace lingerie, follow the instructions given on the label. Delicate washing will be enough to kill all the bacteria.

Lingerie with silver ions – who should wear it?

Although lingerie with silver ions is good for all women, there are some cases when it will be more than useful. What we mean are the situations when it’s important to feel fresh and comfortable for a long time, and there’s no possibility to quickly change your underwear. That can be, for example, an hours-long journey or your dream vacation in a tropical country, with higher temperatures making your body sweat faster than usual.

Women who had a vaginal infection at least once will appreciate lingerie with silver ions. It’s good to know your lace panties are not only pretty, but also help you prevent such infections, especially when the cotton liner at the crotch is totally discreet and doesn’t affect even the most glamorous constructions or beautiful looks of your lingerie.

Here’s one of the examples: the high-waisted panty with silver ions. Gold-tone details on the outside and silver protection on the inside. Isn’t it a perfect combination?

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