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White Rvbbit - Lingerie made in Poland – why is it so important?

Lingerie made in Poland – why is it so important?

Did you know that the magic WHITE RVBBIT lingerie is designed and made in Poland? That’s where the pure magic is hidden!

When the Rvbbit was still really tiny, taking his first steps in designing lingerie sets, there was one thing he knew well from the very beginning: each set had to be made in Poland from start to finish, and each thread, elastic, lace or hook and eye – ordered only in our country.

But don’t be misled by the lightweight, somewhat humorous tone – even though the “Rvbbit” brings us a lot of fluffy joy, the everyday life of a Polish lingerie manufacturer is full of challenges, surprises and expectations.

We discovered the first surprise while trying to find Polish manufacturers of lace, knitted fabrics, underwires, embroidery or bra straps. Did you know that most of them are virtually impossible to find on the Internet? The oldest Polish knitting shops or family-run workshops making the best, internationally known flat wires (called “underwires”) work away from search engines, so trying to find them feels like solving a difficult puzzle. It took us months of traveling in order to check each contact we managed to get. We even wish we had kept a travel journal to show you how many thousands of kilometers we needed to cover to gather materials for our signature Queen of Spades set – the first one to go from our studio to the sewing room, from the sewing room to the white closets of our store, from the closets to the pink boxes, and from the boxes straight to your hearts.

Let us tell you another little secret: even though the ready Queen of Spades bra will fit in one hand, when it arrives at the studio, it consists of 24 pieces that we choose in 6 different places. We call them the real mines of treasures, and the list is growing all the time with all the new designs, constructions and ideas.

Once we have all the materials we need, it’s time to put them together to create a magic range. With the help from constructors, experienced sewers, seamstresses and quality control analysts who check the ready products, we work hard so that the laces are finely selected, designs carefully crafted, seams – soft and durable, and threads – neatly trimmed. Just take a closer look at our lace bra that is made of many different fabrics, with plenty of seams and details. It’s not a sweatshirt that you can unstitch in just a few moves. To carefully break our finished lace balconette down into pieces you’ll need at least two hours. This shows best how complex our work is.

Polish manufacturer of luxury lingerie

Making our products in Poland is not only the guarantee of full quality check. When you wear any product that came out of White Rvbbit’s studio – no matter if it’s a bra, a garter belt or a bodysuit – you can be sure that all the people involved have worked on it with passion and sheer pleasure. We don’t outsource our production or look for the cheapest sewing rooms because social responsibility is more important to us than ill-gotten gains. While creating our team we make sure each and every person feels comfortable and safe, and shares the good vibes only so together we can work on our magic designs. This is how we build up our community and make our dreams come true.

When you support

Lingerie made in Poland – why is it so important?

  • because the “made in Poland” label is not just a fashion trend, but also a quality guarantee
  • because the materials used in our studio come from trusted, ethically working suppliers – and a great number of them are Polish manufacturers of knitted fabrics and accessories
  • because only our own studio allows us to fully control the whole process
  • because while creating our “Wonderland” we follow the rules of ethic and social responsibility – besides, we simply like people
  • because together we build up the community which you are part of

WHITE RVBBIT Polski producent bielizny

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