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Midi skirt – who should wear it and how to style it?

Midi skirt – who should wear it and how to style it?

Today it’s difficult to imagine a woman’s wardrobe without at least one of these. Midi skirts, because that’s what we are going to talk about, haven’t been popular all the time. Their history dates back to 1940s and is connected with Christian Dior himself. What is a midi skirt marked by? How to style it and is it perfect for everyone? Let us tell you all about it. Just make yourself comfy with a cup of tea, coffee or lemonade in your hand and let’s get started!

Midi skirt – the trendiest length

When you think of a midi skirt, you picture is as something connected to good taste, style and femininity. No wonder the most famous fashion bloggers, such as Chiara Ferragni, Julia Engel or Wendy Nguyen, add them to their outfits. The icons of style – Audrey Tautou, Emma Watson or Olivia Palermo – also love wearing this type of skirts. How about Kate Middleton? Well, it seems that the whole world is watching and commenting on the duchess’s outfits, so she chooses midi dresses and skirts for a reason: they are often called the “safe choice”. So why can we feel safe wearing them? That you can read in the next parts of our article.

Where did the midi skirt come from?

As we’ve mentioned before, the midi skirt became popular in 1940s and 1950s, when a famous fashion designer, Christian Dior presented his New Look – a set made of a close-fitting jacket and a flared, mid-calf length skirt. Soon later the outfit became the symbol of elegance and femininity, loved by Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn themselves.


Today we can say for sure that the midi skirt is getting its new life – in such innovative versions that Dior himself would be surprised! In the streets and at the stores we can see midi skirts made of viscose (rayon), fancy princess-like midi skirts with several layers of tulle, cotton tube midi skirts and… oh, so many more! Come and read about all that in the next parts

Midi skirt – what is it?

When you think of a midi skirt, the first things that come to your mind are a close-fitting waistline and a flared hem reaching your calves. That’s not necessarily true – the term midi skirt means only the… length. So, the main feature that lets us classify it as a “midi” skirt is in fact its length. How long exactly should it be? Not necessarily mid-calf length! The term itself can give you a hint – “midi” brings to your mind something between mini and maxi, so it can be a skirt that hits right at your knee, below the knee or in the middle of the lower leg.


The way it’s made? Style? Feel free to choose what fits you best. Midi skirts look great when made of smooth viscose (rayon), girly embroidered batiste (lawn), comfy cotton, pleasant-to-the-touch satin and many other fabrics. When it comes to the cut and how it’s made, you can find the full circle or pencil skirts, the pleated skirts or the ones with fancy ties, with or without sensual slits, with an elastic waistband or with a zip – the designer’s creativity is the limit!

Midi skirt – who should wear it?

The Rvbbit would like to start with sharing a little secret here – when he was still very tiny, he thought midi skirts and dresses were meant only for mature, serious ladies working in offices. He just couldn’t imagine this length would go perfectly with airy and casual style! Later, luckily, the magic of Wonderland started working wonders – it took just a few fittings, one shy look in the mirror and… since then the midi skirt has been the Rvbbit’s favorite cut! What makes it so easy for it to steal the hearts of women all over the world? The answer is simple: the midi skirt is a design that will look flawless on any body type. Women with an hourglass or pear figures, just like Jennifer Lopez, will look great in pencil midi skirts that will show off the female form. If your figure type is a rectangle or an inverted triangle, you can freely wear flared or ruffled (frilled) midi skirts that will add volume to your lower body. If you want to know more about how to match clothes and lingerie to your body type, check out our series of blog entries Female body types. How about your height? Does it matter when choosing a midi skirt? Every woman who has tried on a high-waisted midi skirt and high-heeled shoes knows that this outfit can do wonders and make your legs look longer much better than a mini skirt! But if you’re planning to wear the skirt as part of everyday outfits with sports shoes or flat sandals, choose the high-waisted midi skirts or the ones with a slit. That will not only make you look stylish but also make your silhouette look more slender. 

Midi skirt – how and where to wear it to?

There’s at least one more reason why the midi skirt has become a favorite design of women all over the world – it’s perfect for many occasions, both casual and formal ones. Midi length is the “safe length” and it seems that there’s no situation for which it wouldn’t be suitable. Office dress-code? The elegant knee-length pencil skirt. Family meeting? The flared midi skirt in your favorite color. A night out with friends? The fancy print bowknot skirt. Romantic date? The girly full circle midi skirt. See? The midi length is feminine, elegant and suitable for every occasion! The most important thing is what you pair it with.


Sneakers or other sports shoes paired with a knot-tied white top and a shopper bag is a casual set that can be turned into an evening outfit thanks to high heels, a fancy bodysuit and a feminine jacket. Oh, the Rvbbit got so carried away thinking about all these fancy outfits that he forgot about the most important thing! Midi skirts, especially the ones cut and sewn from a full circle pattern are, above all… extremely comfortable! That makes them really versatile because you can not only wear such skirt all day long at work – you can also take it on vacation with you when you need something feminine and stylish, but at the same time lightweight and comfy. In that case it’s worth choosing a midi skirt made of breathable, pleasant-to-the touch viscose (rayon). The midi length is also a perfect choice for women who love wearing skirts but don’t like showing their legs. 


P.S. We’re always so curious to see your outfits with our midi skirts, and hold our breath every time we wait for your photos! And if you don’t have any of our skirts yet, just check them out here:

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