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Molded bra or a push-up bra?

Molded bra or a push-up bra?

Have you ever heard an opinion that a push-up bra and a molded bra are actually the same types of bras? Very often we’ve heard these two terms used interchangeably and that’s why we want to make everything clear. We’re going to show you the most important differences between the bras. We hope it will make your shopping easier and let you consciously choose your dream lingerie.

Molded bra – what is it?

When you come to think of it, it is difficult to say if a bra is “just” molded, or maybe it’s a molded push-up bra? Many women think that every bra with foam is a push-up bra that will make the bust look bigger. Well, let us tell you it’s not exactly true. The molded cups don’t always add volume to the breasts, but they can have many different functions – like shaping or smoothing the bust down so that it looks good under a thin T-shirt.

Let us make a little digression here. Introducing a molded bra to our store was one of the hardest decisions we had to make. So far, in our studio we have been making only soft bras made of decorative embroideries and elastic laces. They’re our signature designs and our biggest love in the world of lingerie. We knew, however (not only from the surveys and your emails), that there are
situations when women need to cover their busts with something slightly thicker than sheer, lace mist. We’ve been thinking about it for so long that finally we decided to create a molded bra – that’s how we made our first ever Black Swan molded bra that will seduce you with its sexy lace and at the same time make your bust look great under the most delicate tops.

Molded bra – how is it made?

Our version of a molded bra is a combination of delicate, feminine materials and comfort, given by soft padding. The bra is made of heat-molded cups (with the use of special foam) and traditional lingerie-making materials – laces, elastics and other details.

Before we could start manufacturing it, we had to choose the right molded cup, which is the most important here. To do so, we tested sixteen different variants of cups, with different foam thickness, cup shape or the possibility to make our own alterations. The thinnest foams were 2 mm – and the thickest – even 3 cm thick. We chose lightweight, thin foam (made in Poland!) that gives a lightweight look and at the same time is perfect for shaping the bust. Once we’d chosen the foams, we started working right away so Black Swan could make itself comfortable in your wardrobes as soon as possible!

Push-up bra – what is it?

The previous paragraph and an aside about foam thickness showed you the main difference between a molded and a push-up bra.

The most important function of the push-up bra is to lift and push the breasts up so that they look full and firm. The construction of such bras is based on a built-in padding – in the whole cup or partly, at the bottom of the cup (banana push-up). To better understand the difference between a molded bra and a typical push-up bra, imagine the intersection of both cups. In the first case the thickness will be the same thoughout the entire cup, and in the second – the bottom part can be up to 3 or 4 cm thick. This simple visualization will help you to understand the difference between the bras presented in the article:

Biustonosz usztywniany a biustonosz push-up

The choice of a bra depends on our preferences and how we feel wearing it. We know that many women with smaller breasts choose mainly push-up bras because they’re used to wearing them as they can enhance the size of the bust up to three sizes up. For all that, we keep saying that small is also beautiful, so we decided to go for a maximum natural effect instead of searching for thick
paddings. This is how we created our first molded bra – Black Swan, which will not give your breasts the most volume, but can give you a lot of self- confidence.

Biustonosz usztywniany

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