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Silk scrunchie – the trendiest accessory

When the winter hats comfortably sit in your wardrobe, waiting for another season, it’s time to look for some accessories that can call up spring vibes. In this case the best choice will be fashionable silk scrunchies – stylish, feminine and matching most outfits! What should you know before you buy them and why do women more and more often decide to get these made of silk?

Silk scrunchies – what can they give us?

As you have probably noticed, our new collection is topped up with silk scrunchies. Some time ago, when we realized that scrunchies are experiencing their fashion revival, we really wanted to include them in our spring collection as a stylish accessory. The reason is quite simple: we love these scrunchies, and many of the Rvbbit’s assistants can’t imagine going through the day without one of them! Because of that we decided to make our own scrunchies: the satin ones and those made of 100% natural silk, chosen by many women now. So, what is so special about a silk scrunchie that it’s worth to own at least one of them?


Consumers around the world are becoming more and more conscious and their shopping choices are reasoned. We pay attention not only to where and in what conditions the product was manufactured, but also to the quality of the materials used. A silk scrunchie is soft and delicate. There’s no risk it would damage or dent your hair (just like the regular hair tie does). It will be totally easy to change your hairstyle throughout the day. You can pull your hair together at any time and any height on your head, and the final result will always be dashing. You can wear it every day as a perfect accessory for your ponytail, bun or braid. Don’t forget that silk is considered to be an exclusive fabric, so the scrunchie made of it will also be a perfect accessory for evening outfits and formal events. For such occasions we decorate our necks with beautiful necklaces, and our ears – with fancy earrings. So, don’t forget about the hair! After all, scrunchies are the trendiest accessories of the season, loved by fashion bloggers all over the world.

Silk scrunchie for sleeping

What’s interesting is that silk scrunchies are also great for sleeping. Women with long hair know exactly how difficult it is to keep the hair under control at night. Trichologists unanimously say that it’s worth tying your hair up for sleeping because when it’s let down, it can rub against the pillow or be squished by your body for many hours. It you decide to tie up your hair for the night, we suggest choosing a scrunchie made of natural silk – then you can be sure your hair will be in a good condition and repay you by looking beautiful.

Satin scrunchies – an alternative to silk

The spring collection of accessories is also about satin scrunchies. Satin is a great alternative to silk accessories. Satin scrunchies look just as good and will definitely be a perfect addition to your outfits. When you hold both kinds of scrunchies, you can feel which is made of silk and which of satin without trouble. The scrunchie made of natural silk is softer and more delicate, so we recommend it for women with delicate and demanding hair. But if you tie up your hair only occasionally, or have just started your adventure with wearing hair accessories, it’s better to try out substitute for silk – a satin scrunchie. Even though we’ve introduced scrunchies to our collection only recently, they’ve already stolen so many hearts! The most popular one seems to be the Flower Beauty bowknot scrunchie, which will go perfectly both with a casual white T-shirt and an elegant evening dress.


Both satin and silk scrunchies will be perfect for all hair types. They don’t damage the hair or dent it. It’s worth having at least one of them in your drawer or purse. All it takes is a moment of playing with your hair to make a cute messy bun – after all, the scrunchie is the trendiest accessory of this spring!

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