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5 o’clock – birthday collection

5 o'clock - urodzinowa kolekcja WHITE RVBBIT

5 o’clock!

Let’s have birthday tea together!

Make yourself comfortable, grab a cookie and have a sip of your favorite tea. And then… follow the White Rvbbit:

Do you know what happened here 5 years ago? We had our first mad tea!

Since then – or since forever, shall we say – the Wonderland vibes have been blending with our reality. Now we have more and more magic teas and our closets grow bigger and bigger, full of lacy magic. Following the White Rvbbit, we’re not so late anymore. After all, five years have passed, and that’s just one second!

Today, after this long second, we would like to invite you to grab your cups and explore our birthday collection with us. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, hares, cards, gophers, and you, Mad Hatter, let us present:

Five o’Clock!

The collection that tastes like luxury tea and magic cookies with secret powers. They are going to keep us company throughout the upcoming weeks, so stock up your larder or… find them among our products!

This collection is no ordinary because we have so much to show you! There are going to be dresses, lace, and lingerie featuring quite a remarkable style. There’s going to be the Rvbbit and Alice, following each other through the looking glass.

But let’s not hurry! To not get you weary of too much excitement, we will be showing you our new-ins every 5 days, dosing the delicious cups of tea. No fewer and no more – always 5. In this beautiful way we are going to present our entire collection, and then nothing in your life will be the same ever again.

To make the celebrations a little easier for you, we will be counting the days until the next premiere, giving you a little sneak peek through a tiny keyhole. What will be next? Lace, or maybe guipure?

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