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Impossible Things

Impossible Things koronkowa bielizna

Impossible Things

a collection of exclusive WHITE RVBBIT lingerie

Braletka, balkonetka, half-cup - jak wybrać model dla siebie?

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

Alice in Wonderland

Delicate laces, exclusive embroideries, fashionable designs and 6 sets in a few versions – all of that we presented in our “Impossible Things” collection, inspired by the quote from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Even though Impossible Things may surprise you with its colors and form, you will see at once that the Rvbbit makes his designs for confident, modern women who can decide for themselves if something is impossible for them.

First: form

Impossible Things is a collection in which forms and colors are essential. Black eyelash-trimmed lace blends in with powder pink embroidery, and dark green leaves come next to light wild strawberries. The black, feminine and sensual things mix with the bright and ethereal ones, and the elegant details include rose gold-tone elements. The collection, in its base form, is made of 6 sets but the tops and the bottoms can be paired in many different ways. Each of the 6 sets is based on a different motif – and, even though they may seem completely different, together they create an impossibly perfect whole.

Komplet bielizny Mrs. Pink No. 3
Komplet bielizny Mrs. Pink No. 2

Second: magic

Our collections are not just new designs – it’s also a story straight from Wonderland. This time we wanted to encourage you to believe as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.

In our spring-summer collections we let ourselves go for a little more extravagance – says the brand founder, Katarzyna Witkiewicz. – We introduce new forms, experiment with colors and let out clients choose one of the main motifs. We follow our philosophy and aesthetics without putting aside the seemingly impossible things, so we can still be inspired by Alice and at the same time follow the trends.

The 6 sets making the new collection are in fact 6 different faces of a woman – sensual, romantic, determined, modern, fragile or simply the one she wants to be on a given day.

Komplet bielizny Mrs. Pink No. 3
Komplet bielizny Mrs. Pink No. 1
Komplet bielizny Mrs. Pink No. 3
Komplet pudrowy róż white rvbbit
Figi Mrs. Blue
Stringi Mrs. Blue
Biustonosz Queen of Leaf No. 2
Komplet bielizny Queen of Leaf No. 2
Koronkowy komplet Queen of Leaf
Komplet bielizny Queen of Leaf
Komplet bielizny Queen of Leaf
Koronkowa bielizna Queen of Black
Biustonosz Queen of Black
Koszula nocna satynowa Morning Sweetness
Opaska na oczy
Stringi Mad Cat No. 11
Koronkowa bielizna Mad Cat No.11
Komplet bielizny Queen of Sweets
Biustonosz w poziomki Queen of Sweets
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