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Kiss Me Softly

Kolekcja bielizny koronkowej Kiss Me Softly

Kiss Me Softly

the birthday collection of exclusive WHITE RVBBIT lingerie

O nas White Rvbbit

What do Alice and her white rabbit bring to your mind? Wonderland, tea at the Mad Hatter’s, a mysteriously smiling cat and the belief that sometimes it’s good to be crazy. Today, there’s one more thing connected with them: the magic lingerie, designed and made in Poland!

The WHITE RVBBIT who’s ju st celebrating his first birthday, was inspired by the magical Wonderland, which gives ordinary things a completely unusual meaning. WHITE RVBBIT is now one of the youngest but well-recognized Polish lingerie brands, shipping their products to the farthest corners of the world. During the first year the brand presented 16 sets of lingerie, a collection of nightwear and two-piece swimsuits.

Urodziny polskiej marki bielizny White Rvbbit
Urodziny polskiej marki bielizny White Rvbbit
Urodziny polskiej marki bielizny White Rvbbit
Madame Butterfly bielizna koronkowa White Rvbbit
Madame Butterfly biustonosz koronkowy White Rvbbit
Komplet bielizny Madame Butterfly
Satynowe piżamy White Rvbbit
Bielizna nocna White Rvbbit

But how did we come up with the idea of combining lingerie and magic?

Our products show there are things that can make you feel extraordinary on an ordinary day. All you have to do is accept the invitation of the White Rvbbit, choose your dream set and, just like Alice, find your own magic in it.

But for someone to be Alice, someone else has to be her Rvbbit, or more precisely, a little army of Rvbbits that construct, sew, test, sew again and finally pack those sets in beautiful boxes that meet the very strict standards of our Wonderland. Because of this, introducing a new design can last from a few to several weeks, and each premiere is our little celebration.

Details, such as the 3D butterflies in our latest Madame Butterfly set, are hand-sewn just before packing, when we know exactly who will get it – and this is definitely the most magical moment of the whole production process.

Satynowe czarne kimono White Rvbbit
Koszulka nocna Black Beauty
Koszulka nocna Black Beauty
Koszulka nocna Black Beauty
Czarna bielizna nocna White Rvbbit
Komplet bielizny Mad Cat No. 5
Komplet bielizny Mad Cat No. 5
Komplet bielizny Mad Cat No. 5
Mad Cat No.5 bielizna koronkowa White Rvbbit
Rings biała polska bielizna White Rvbbit
Queen of Rings koronkowa biała bielizna
Kiss me softly biustonosz
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Koronkowa bielizna White Rvbbit kolekcja
Koronkowa biała bielizna detal
Koronkowa bielizna White Rvbbit Mrs White

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