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Vanilla Sky

Kolekcja Vanilla Sky bielizny White Rvbbit

Vanilla Sky

magic mist straight from Wonderland!

White Rvbbit biała bielizna ślubna

The main motif of the spring-summer WHITE RVBIT lingerie collection is the delicate vanilla mist that makes you think of the ultra-lightweight structure of the fabrics, delicate light colors and the biggest gem of this collection – the unique, ornamental Vanilla Sky slip that you can turn into a trendy mini dress.

The delicate mist can also be seen in the Queen of Mist sets, including a comfortable top-styled bralette, an underwired bra, panties or thongs, and a decorative garter belt. The series is finished with a spectacular peignoir, trimmed with seven meters of floral forget-me-not embroidery.

Even though the Rvbbit is loves black embroidery and lace the most, this season he’s presenting them in a more delicate version. The collection is all about sheer mesh, there are some white and sky-blue elements, and in a sneak-peek of the swimsuits you can see jewelry-like touches – available in our store for the first time.

Ekskluzywna koszulka nocna White Rvbbit
Queen od Mist bielizna koronkowa White Rvbbit
Komplet bielizny Queen of Mist No. 1
Komplet bielizny Queen of Mist No. 2
Komplet bielizny Queen of Mist No. 2
Błękitna braletka koronkowa Queen of Mist Blue
Komplet bielizny Queen of Mist Blue

The spring-summer collection was made for women who don’t like compromising between beauty and comfort, and value sophisticated trims as much as good constructions. That’s why the Vanilla Sky collection is most of all a kingdom of details, created to not hide them under your clothes.

Lace collars against transparent mesh, gold-tone rings tied with ribbons or a fancy nightie that you can wear as a decorative slip (its hem is decorated with 3D, pearly flowers, making it a perfect sophisticated wedding lingerie) are just some of the latest Rvbbit’s designs. All these tones and ornaments not only introduce a spring breeze of fresh air, but also show another version of WHITE RVBBIT lingerie – delicate, almost invisible and perfect as wedding lingerie. Almost each of the presented sets would be a perfect gift for a bride-to-be. The lingerie designed in this way will be a good base for casual summer outfits, in which lace trims don’t have to be hidden.

Summer Moon bikini z cekinami White Rvbbit
Komplet bielizny Queen fo Mist White No. 1
Komplet bielizny Queen of Mist No. 1
Komplet bielizny Queen of Spades
Komplet bielizny Queen of Spades
Body Mad Love No. 3
Body Mad Love No. 3
Mad Cat No. 0 Komplet bielizny White Rvbbit
Komplet bielizny Queen of Bows
Koronkowa bielizna czarna White Rvbbit
Harness Miss Wonder
Koronkowa bielizna i dodatki White Rvbbit
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